"I don't believe in work-life balance. I believe in life."

- Arno Koch


Arno is passionate about life long learning, developing new skills and knowledge and sharing everything he knows, to help as many people as possible thrive and excel. He has profound business experience in Product Development, Project Management, Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Product Management and Advanced Training Methodologies.

"If you see it in your mind, you're going to hold it in your hand."

- Rhonda Byrne, The Secret


When Arno was about 10 years old he had a poster in his room showing the skyline of L.A. at night. At that point he had not read “The Secret” yet and had no idea where it would take him.

After graduating as a mechanical engineer at the University of Bochum by writing his diploma theses at Vorwerk, Arno spent three years in the R&D department at Vorwerk Engineering. Discovering his passion for cooking and Thermomix he moved on to the quality department, where he worked on the series quality assurance of the TM31 and the development of TM5, publishing numerous patents on the way. In parallel he took workshops in communication and presentation and served his passion for Thermomix by joining the direct selling business as a side gig, making it to the gala for most successful consultants in Germany. This caught the attention of the marketing department where he was invited to help launching the Thermomix TM5 as a Product Manager and continued to work on the development of the TM5, as well as supporting the international sales organizations with product knowledge and communication to Vorwerk Engineering. He drove software development, creation of accessories, and the preparation of the launch of Thermomix with special focus on paving the legal path to a US launch. During his time in Product Management he learned to know Tobias Beck and got in touch with the methodology of Superlearning which he hence used in his presentations and workshops.

The next logical step made a piece of paper in a child’s room become reality. Arno moved to California, where he has the opportunity to help Thermomix become as successful a product as it is in the rest of the world. Besides applying his expertise as the product matter expert he helped Tobias Beck train the first consultants in the US as sales experts and Thermomix enthusiasts, utilizing the Superlearning methodology and later being trained as a Superlearning trainer by Tobias.







SEPT 24th, 2016



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